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With a 92% return rate, we are proud of the motorcycle adventures we deliver and look forward to welcoming you on the next ride.

I've done several rides with BCE and have had a blast every time!

As a matter of fact I'm planning my next trip with them right now. Neil the owner and the guide is a former military guy, and an all around cool dude who really takes the time to get to know his clients and tries to create a memorable experience for them. 

Different types of trips are available and can be designed, from camping to staying in hotels. The support crew is always excellent and goes out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. The bikes used are BMW GS models, either the 750 or the 1200 and are fully insured. Gear for camping and road side adventures are included, as is transportation from and to the airport. I started with the lessons package, then I did the AZ BDR, then CO BDR which was epic, and now I'm planning on doing CA and Idaho. 

Do yourself a favor and do at least one trip with this outfit, you won't regret it and more than likely you'll get hooked (like I did)!!
- Thomas Moshiri
California Training (Mar 2019), Colorado BDR (Sept 2019), Arizona BDR (Apr 2020), Idaho Adventure (July 2020), Colorado Adventure (Aug 2020), Utah Adventure (Oct 2020), New Mexico Adventure (May 2021)

You have to use these guys!

Neil has guided me on two expeditions, and they are the first of many trips I intend to take with Backcountry Expeditions. Death Valley was the first and the Idaho BDR was my second ride with BE. 

Neil, and his charming wife, are excellent hosts. Neil is professional, supremely competent, and a pleasure around the campfire. 

BE limits the number of riders (four is the maximum I believe), and the resulting group dynamic is great. Logistics is completely taken care of. Airport pick-up and drop-offs are arranged, all hotel check-in and out is completed, and the bikes are in excellent condition and ready to go. Neil pairs riders of comparable riding style together, and allows all riders to alternately lead. 

BE maintains the optimal balance of casual friendliness and competent professionalism. I could not be happier with my experiences.
- Josh Cook
California Training (Mar 2020), Idaho Adventure (July 2020)

Would I recommend Backcountry Expeditions - absolutely!! I have already booked my next trip!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! From the moment I was collected from my hotel to the moment I was returned back to the airport for my flight home, the whole Backcountry Expeditions experience was just flawless, and the riding was even better than that!!! 

I travelled all the way from Scotland for the trip so my expectations were high, but in the end they were exceeded in every way. I completed the Arizona BDR with company owner Neil over the course of a week and the riding was simply some of the best that I have ever done. 

All throughout the trip Neil was available to provide coaching and guidance and we always seemed to ride at just the right pace. At times we would push on and make the most of the bikes, and at others we would slow it right down to practice skills and enjoy our surroundings. The pace is always up to you and there is never any pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with. 

Backcountry Expeditions provide everything you need for the trip from a perfectly prepared BMW bike of your choice, to first class camping gear, to amazing food that we cooked on camp fires at night. They also make sure all the safety stuff is covered, and Neil’s military background means that everything is planned to perfection.

Would I recommend Backcountry Expeditions - absolutely!! I have already booked my next trip with them for summer 2019 and think that says it all.
- Angus Duncan
Arizona BDR (Nov 2018), Idaho BDR (July 2019)
Backcountry Expeditions goes above and beyond again and again to make sure the client is taken care of and has the best experience!
Klaus Sejr Larsen
California BDR | Nov 2020

I've went with Backcountry Expeditions on a Colorado BDR adventure. It was most definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Colorado is simply stunning. Can't say enough about the level of professionalism of Neil and entire Backcountry Expeditions team. They are very attentive to customer's needs. Neil is a great teacher. There were definitely times where riding got challenging for my skill level. Every time, Neil's was able to coach me through challenges in a manner that alleviated my anxiety and was very confidence inspiring. I can honestly say I came back from a trip as a much more skilled and confident rider. 

I really like the small group format Backcountry Expeditions follows and amount of individual attention Neil is able to provide during the trip. I am certain that if I've went with a larger group, my CO adventure experience would not have been as great. Can't wait to go on another trip with them soon! Most definitely will be a customer for life.
- Janis Braslins
California Training (Mar 2019), Colorado BDR (Sept 2019), Idaho Adventure (July 2020), Utah Adventure (Oct 2020), New Mexico Adventure (May 2021)

Riding with the Backcountry Expeditions team takes the experience to a new level

Having done BDR adventure rides in the past, it's my opinion that there is no such thing as a bad off-road adventure. But riding with the Backcountry Expeditions team takes the experience to a new level. Their level of preparedness is top-notch, making the rider's safety the top priority. 

The team ensures that the level of challenge was commensurate with our level of skill, all the while keeping it interesting and weaving in plenty of photo ops. Neil and team leave nothing up to chance. 

The entire experience ran like a finely tuned machine. I look forward to our next ride with Backcountry Expeditions. Keep up the great work!
- Gill Horowitz
Colorado Adventure (Sept 2019), California Adventure (Nov 2021)

The bottom line is that Backcountry Expeditions is worth every penny, and I would travel with them again in a heartbeat.

I rode the CABDR last week with Backcountry Expeditions. And it's both true and insufficient to say that Backcountry Expeditions is a very unique and special operation that delivered an amazing adventure motorcycle experience. 

It starts with Neil Taylor whose attention to detail is second to none, beginning with all the pre-ride consultation where answered every question patiently (and I had my share) - and more important - he asked me key questions to make sure I was fully prepared for the experience in order to get maximum enjoyment. His suggestions, for example, to use soft luggage (vs. hard panniers) and ride with high adventure boots (vs. my touring boots) saved my legs and equipment more than once while on the trail. Neil's military background is not a gimmick: his level of planning/preparation, attention to detail and ability to improvise the daily plan as necessary is like nothing I'd seen before. He is a consummate professional. 

On the trail, he is considerate and thoughtful, providing a range of options to consider along the way, so you feel like you have control over your experience and you're not getting pushed through a strict itinerary. Beyond that, Neil offered great riding tips along the way specifically tailored to my riding skills, which improved immensely by the week's end. 

Off the trail, Neil and his wonderful wife and partner Julia have all the details taken care of, from hotel check-in, meals, snacks, hydration, etc... Julia's involvement in ride support makes the entire experience both personal and enjoyable. 
- Michael Schwimmer
California BDR (Nov 2019), Colorado BDR (Aug 2020)
Neil is a true professional who delivers a unique and exciting experience. Highly recommended!!!
Matthew Berry
Arizona Adventure Ride | Oct 2020

If you are looking to adventure ride, Backcountry Expeditions is the only way to go.

Neil and his team are true professionals, they planned and coordinated our entire trip to fit what we were looking for and that was to stay in Vegas and ride through Death Valley. We went as a group of 7 fathers and sons and could not have asked for a better experience. 

We got picked up at 7am in the hotel lobby to get in a van loaded up with breakfast sandwiches and coffee to then drive about a half hour out of Vegas. There we geared up and got on a mixture of beautiful BMW GS 800s and 1200s. 

The route that Neil had mapped out and planned for us was perfect, it ranged from wide open road to super technical loose sand/dirt spots and always a good spot with a view to stop for lunch. After a days ride we were then dropped back off in Vegas. 

If you are looking to adventure ride, Backcountry Expeditions is the only way to go.
- Sean Winters
California Adventure (Nov 2018), Colorado Adventure (Aug 2019), North East BDR (Sept 2020), Utah Adventure (May 2021), California Adventure (Nov 2021)

I never felt pressured to ride outside of my abilities, but felt encouraged to push my limits to get better, knowing that Neil had my back.

Whether you are new to adventure riding (which is what I am) or an experienced rider; this is a great experience. 

Pre ride services were more than expected. From the initial call to get my riding experience and what I was looking for; to providing updates and advice prior to the ride. 

Support: From being picked up at the airport, information and safety briefing, rooms already reserved and ready to go, food and drinks provided, provided gear and being dropped off at the airport; you can’t find any better support. I also appreciated the personal touch and interaction. This is not a corporate... give me your money operation. Neil truly cares about you and your experience. 

Instruction and riding: First rate instruction from bike orientation to riding techniques and safe practice and training prior to hitting the trails. I never felt pressured to ride outside of my abilities, but felt encouraged to push my limits to get better, knowing that Neil had my back. I will definitely do this again if my schedule permits it
- Brian Buechner
Utah Training (June 2019), Arizona Adventure (Oct 2020)

I’ve already booked another trip with them and we’re discussing the next two...

My wife and I just completed the Idaho BDR two up with back country expeditions. We have been fortunate to take many guided trips over the last several years as well as doing many all on our own and these guys rank right up there with the best of them. Their equipment is top notch as was really everything about the entire trip. Neil and Julia were great company and gave very personalized support and service throughout. 

We always looked forward to spending time with them at the end of riding each day. conversations and company were fun and genuine and you could tell they really love doing what they do One of the key things we loved about backcountry as opposed to other trips we have done was the super small size of the groups we were fortunate enough to have been the only couple on this trip but generally they cater to small groups of four which really allows you to have more flexibility and a much more personalized feel. 

Having done a Peru trip of about 12 riders that smaller group is much more enjoyable Neil is certainly a very experienced rider and you never feel like you’re being pushed to ride faster than you want nor held back if you want to move quicker We were on an executive trip which meant we only did a little bit of camping but even when we did those nights were spectacular and in fact my next trip will be mostly camping. 

My wife really enjoyed having Julia along on the trip as a support person because she was super friendly and we thought gave a great feel to the trip by having her there as opposed to a group of all men. 

I’ve already booked another trip with them and we’re discussing the next two up trip with my wife. If you are considering a BDR or any other custom trip and don’t have time to plan all the logistics then these guys are the way to go. Neil and Julia make sure you can really relax and enjoy the experience.
- Heather Ballard
Idaho BDR (July 2019), Arizona Adventure (Oct 2019), Mid Atlantic BDR (Sept 2020), Washington BDR (July 2021)
I can't recommend them more highly. Sign up, you won't be disappointed!
Sean Underwood
California Training Course | Mar 2021
We are proud to partner and sponsor the Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR) non-profit organization that created many of the routes we're able to offer. Their tireless efforts to develop world class backcountry routes in the United States provides an incredible opportunity for all ADV riders seeking a fun, challenging and rewarding riding experience.

As ambassadors in support of their mission, we offer all-inclusive expeditionary packages for those seeking to complete any of the BDR® routes. We take care of all planning and logistics, leaving you free to ride and enjoy any of these world-class routes, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. Our limited group sizes of no more than 6 riders creates a more personal experience that forges friendships and delivers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for all.

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