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Backcountry Expeditions is your adventure motorcycle expedition specialist.

With over 50 years of collective knowledge & experience in expeditionary planning, navigation, remote recovery & survival, we are uniquely placed to give you the inside scoop, to take you places off the beaten path and to ensure you have the expedition of a lifetime.
If this sounds like gushing, it is. My only concern is finding a spot on a full BDR ride next year, cause they're gonna go fast.

The pace and progression of the skills course was perfectly suited to someone wanting to explore and understand adventure riding. We learned throughout the entire 4 days even though it only felt like "instruction" for one morning of riding. By the end of day 2, I did things on our powerline ride that I could not have done at the beginning. Days 3 and 4 were spent exploring and enjoying the most beautiful parts of Colorado while reinforcing skills we learned, and adding new skills.

Want to learn how to ride a nearly perfect road machine off the road? This is it.

Larry White
September, 2021 - Colorado Training Course
Riding with the Backcountry Expeditions team takes the experience to a new level.

Their level of preparedness is top-notch, making the rider's safety the top priority. The team ensures that the level of challenge was commensurate with our level of skill, all the while keeping it interesting and weaving in plenty of photo ops.

Neil and team leave nothing up to chance. The entire experience ran like a finely tuned machine. I look forward to our next ride with Backcountry Expeditions. Keep up the great work!

Gill Horowitz
November, 2021 - California Adventure Ride
Just finished a 5 day trip in Colorado and it was a fantastic experience, waaaaay better than what I thought it was going to be.

Its always cool to find a team so passionate and so good at what they do like Backcountry expeditions. Everyday they took care of every single little detail, not only so we can have a fun day, but also to feel safe.

Neil, thank you so much for such a fantastic week, you guys are not just the best at what you do, you are also the nicest people. Thank you for everything.

Hope to ride again with you soon

Rodrigo Segura
August, 2021 - Colorado Adventure Ride
Excellent experience! I highly recommend Backcountry Expeditions.

3 friends & I signed up with Neil for an introduction to off road motorcycling. We had little to no experience off road and by the end of 4 days training we were feeling pretty comfortable.
The Backcountry Expeditions team clearly has high expectations for the experience they deliver and in my opinion they meet those high expectations. I will definitely look for opportunities to ride with them again.
I can't recommend them more highly. Sign up, you won't be disappointed!

Sean Underwood
March, 2021 - California Training Course


Choose from one of our 3-5 day Adventure rides, complete a Full BDR, build a Custom Expendition or start with our Training Course.


Learn correct riding & recovery techniques, maintenance & repair, navigation, safety, planning, camping & more.


Expert knowledge & experience. Small groups of no more than 6 riders. Premium Motorcycles. All-inclusive. Unbeatable choice.


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Backcountry Expeditions has delivered countless adventure motorcycle tours across the United States and around the globe. We have over 50 years of collective knowledge & experience in expeditionary planning, navigation & survival. Most importantly, our clients keep coming back... year-after-year, ride-after-ride. With a 92% repeat customer rate, we are proud of the motorcycle adventures we deliver and look forward to welcoming you on the next ride.
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We are proud to partner and sponsor the Backcountry Discovery Routesยฎ (BDR) non-profit organization that created many of the routes we're able to offer. Their tireless efforts to develop world class backcountry routes in the United States provides an incredible opportunity for all ADV riders seeking a fun, challenging and rewarding riding experience.

As ambassadors in support of their mission, we offer all-inclusive expeditionary packages for those seeking to complete any of the BDRยฎ routes. We take care of all planning and logistics, leaving you free to ride and enjoy any of these world-class routes, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. Our limited group sizes of no more than 6 riders creates a more personal experience that forges friendships and delivers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for all.

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